Heuristic Learning 

‘Heuristic’ means ‘discovering things for yourself’

The style was best described in feedback received from a client …

“I never felt that I was being forced to accept different ways of behaving, but instead ‘leadership’ was encouraged through example and practical exercises with colleagues … (Barry) kept us focused and shared honest feedback with all of us, being very kind and considerate in the way he did this. Also he was a lot of fun!”

I am a freelance management development consultant based in Bristol, UK.

I design and deliver training & facilitation to meet client’s specific needs and provide coaching and mentoring for experienced managers and HR professionals.

Clients typically use me for:

  1. Quicker results - providing extra short-term resource and dedicated focus on a priority issue.
  2. Development expertise - providing additional specialism in management development.
  3. Independence - providing an impartial external perspective for major 'people' decisions.
  4. Value for money - providing leading expertise without the rigidity or price tag of larger consultancy firms.

I am fortunate to work with many successful UK clients. If you’ve been pointed my way by one of these then I hope this site introduces you to what they value.

Thank you for your interest.