Coaching & Mentoring


Helped a high potential professional to take assignments and new roles to learn the skills needed to operate at a senior level.

Supported a manufacturing exec review his position, resulting in moving to a role that maximised his talents, enjoyment and value to the firm.

Guided a technical training manager to recognise the need and skills in managing executive expectations beyond ‘doing a good job’

Enabled a Head of Learning to retain IP without licensing fees and benchmark to monitor quality and value.

Coaching and mentoring is offered to firms to maximise the value.


Helping managers review their business challenges, their plans and personal capability to discover alternative ways of working that enhance their performance and decision making.

Common topic areas

  1. Interpersonal impact
  2. Team effectiveness
  3. Leadership style
  4. Self awareness


Helping HR, training and change management professionals to review and enhance their capability and performance by providing a sounding board to short cut learning gained over 20 years.

Common topic areas

  1. Training management
  2. Learning design
  3. Cultural change
  4. Talent & succession

Personal chemistry, trust and credibility are important. To establish the extent I would ‘fit’ please contact me.