Leadership Development


DWP 'Gold team'
"I found the course to be excellent – perhaps the best thing I've done – and I’ve done a few over the last twenty years …
The spirit of the course is very infectious. One begins to practice the concepts of leadership intuitively, and they are easily transmitted to colleagues who did not experience the course".

Open Programme
"Well, 4 months down the line and, I have to say, that it has had a beneficial impact. It has proved extremely useful in terms of motivating staff and managing change in the face of extreme pressure."

I offer one ‘off the shelf’ training programme. This is a particularly strong three day leadership development programme for experienced and high potential managers.

This residential event uses a series of intriguing experiential exercises, a range of inventories and extensive personal feedback that enables delegates to review and develop each aspect of their leadership impact.

The Aim
To help highly capable managers understand their leadership capability and impact, so they can decide if leadership is really for them and, if it is, to plan how to learn more from their experiences to develop their leadership effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Areas explored

  1. Followership
  2. Trust & integrity
  3. Emotional connection
  4. Oratory skills
  5. Drive and achievement
  6. Vision and purpose
  7. Management competency
  8. Team dynamics
  9. Self awareness

For more detail of the programme content and the underpinning philosophy please contact me.