My Profile

Personal style

I am at my best helping people through difficult decisions by enabling them to:

  1. relax, open up and be themselves
  2. focus on what is important and why
  3. think through the issues and options
  4. review the appropriateness of their natural approach and alternative options
  5. identify opportunities & experiences to discover what they want to learn

Corporate experience
I have over 20 years experience in international blue chip companies covering the finance, manufacturing & legal sectors.

Roles have included:

  1. Head of Management Development (UK) for a European Bank
  2. Head of Change (People) for a top engineering manufacturer
  3. Group Training Manager for a large UK building society
  4. Learning Manager for a leading aerospace organisation
  5. HR Programmes Manager for a leading UK law firm

Consultancy experience
In 2001 I opted to work part time and established my own freelance consultancy business. Demand quickly resulted in the formation of Heuristic Learning Ltd.

Clients include local, national and multi-national organisations based throughout the UK; charitable, NFP, partnerships, public and private sectors.

All these experiences have enabled me to develop deep expertise in a range of specialist areas.

Curriculum vitae
A full CV is available. Please contact me.