Why ‘Heuristic’ Learning?

Heuristic means ‘discovering things for yourself’. I believe that people learn best when they are:

  1. Doing something that is important to them
  2. Actively involved in the learning
  3. Intrigued by the experience and curious to understand more
  4. Learning from their experiences, and from others, rather than being told
  5. Engaged emotionally, having fun and using all their senses

This is what I do.

So what’s unique?
Well, in addition to my freelance work I am permanently employed as a senior HR professional in a leading UK law firm.

This role accounts for 80-90% of my time and ensures I have a sharp & contemporary business edge, limited availability and no income pressure ... the direct opposite of most individual freelance trainers.

I operate unimpeded by commercial pressure and only undertake work in areas that I’m passionate about. This enables me to offer clients:

  1. Expertise at reasonable rates – You will get charged reasonable rates and minimal developments fees as I only accept work that utilises my existing expertise.
  2. Performance focus – You can be sure that the intervention will make a real difference. I instantly relate to the work environment and the need for a performance impact.
  3. Active knowledge sharing – You will not incur licensing fees or costs associated with material. I believe in sharing knowledge and encourage self-sufficiency in clients.
  4. Honest communication - You can rely on a frank and open relationship. I only undertake work I can honour and add value
  5. No sales pressure – You will not get me pressuring you for work. I do not actively market as personal recommendations and existing clients are sufficient to fulfill my availability.

If this is what you’re after then please contact me.